WP Site Guardian Review

By | December 17, 2016

WP Site Guardian Review – Just 1 WP exploit & your site is HACKED – even with BEST security running

WP Site Guardian Review – What if I told you that 5 of the most popular security plugins totally FAILED to protect against a basic exploit.

Sounds like BS right? Well you need to see this for yourself cos they prove it live:

In fact the sites tested were all running the latest WP version + top security plugins – yet…


Wordfence  – FAILED
Bulletproof Security – FAILED
IThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) – FAILED
Acunetix WP Security Scan – FAILED + EXPLOIT FOUND
All in one WP Security & Firewall – FAILED

And just in case you think that the following will protect you:

Running the most up to date WP/plugins  – FAILED
Using a reputable host – FAILED
Firewalls – FAILED
Cloudflare – FAILED
Varnish Cache – FAILED
Cache Plugins – FAILED

Bottom line is till now NOTHING on the market was able to defend against exploits … there’s just too many of them + loads of new ones are released every day.

Problem is that most plugins & themes are not written by security experts

This is a huge issue for WordPress users…. & hackers know it… in fact 92% of hacker attacks today are via exploits

So till now the industry has simply ignored the problem & kept users in the dark.


WP Site Guardian is a new generation security plugin monitors the way visitors use your site – it detects & blocks exploit execution attempts…

So hackers attempting exploits will be BOOTED, BLOCKED & you’ll get notified instantly.

This plugin is on offer for 1 week only – with best pricing on day 1…

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