Weenzee Review 2019: The Complete Lowdown

By | October 8, 2019

Weenzee Review: WNZ Ponzi points financial investment fraud

Weenzee Review offers no info on their website about who owns or runs business.

The Weenzee web site domain (” weenzee.com”) was registered on August 15th, 2018.

 Weenzee Review 2019: The Complete Lowdown

Mareks Pavlovskis is the signed up owner, via a virtual workplace address in London, the UK.

Other than appearing on Weenzee’s worthless UK consolidation documents, there is no exterior link in between Pavlovskis and also Weenzee.

Whether Mareks Pavlovskis actually exists is unclear.

Examination of Weenzee’s YouTube channel discloses the firm at first marketed itself across Asia.

Today Wenzee’s top resources of website traffic are Brazil (27%), Iran (13%) and India (4%).

A video clip entitled “Weenzee Grand Opening” on the business’s official YouTube network, allegedly reveals an event held in Berlin, Germany.

This possibly coincides with Weenzee using a German registrar to register their site domain name.

Weenzee’s “grand opening” video prominently features people with solid European accents.

From this one can assume whoever is running Weenzee is likely based out of central or eastern Europe.

As constantly, if a Multi Level Marketing business is not freely in advance regarding that is running or possesses it, believe long as well as difficult concerning joining and/or handing over any cash.

Weenzee Products

Weenzee has no retailable products or services, with affiliates just able to market Weenzee associate membership itself.

The Weenzee Payment Strategy

Weenzee associates purchase WNZ factors on the guarantee of a marketed return.

At the time of magazine WNZ points are not publicly tradeable. The interior value of WNZ factors are established by Weenzee’s owners.

Weenzee’s admins sell WNZ indicate brand-new capitalists at whatever the current interior worth is.

Spent WNZ factors are then parked with Weenzee for between 30 to 365 days.

  • invest WNZ points for 30 days and also obtain a 0.73% daily ROI
  • invest WNZ factors for 60 days as well as receive a 0.88% everyday ROI
  • invest WNZ factors for 90 days and also obtain a 0.91% day-to-day ROI
  • spend WNZ factors for 180 days and get a 0.95% everyday ROI
  • invest WNZ factors for 365 days and also receive a 0.99% day-to-day ROI

Daily return percents can be raised via ranking development:

  • Customer (sign up and purchase WNZ factors)– base return amounts over
  • User+ (invest a minimum of $100 as well as create $300 or more from an overall downline of 10 or more investors)– perk 1% a day
  • WeenA (personally invest at the very least $300 and produce $5000 from a complete downline of 30 or even more investors)– bonus 3% a day
  • WeenB (directly invest at the very least $1000 and create $10,000 from a complete downline of 100 or even more capitalists)– perk 5% a day
  • WeenC (personally spend at the very least $3000 and also generate $100,000 from a complete down line of 1000 or more capitalists)– perk 7% a day
  • Leader (personally invest at the very least $10,000 and also produce $1,000,000 from a total downline of 3000 or more investors)– bonus offer 10% a day
  • Leader Pro (personally invest at the very least $50,000 and also create $10,000,000 from a total downline of 5000 or more financiers)– reward 15% a day
  • WeenZee (directly invest a minimum of $500,000 as well as produce $100,000,000 from an overall downline of 50,000 or even more financiers)– reward 20% a day

Reference Compensations

Weenzee pays reference compensations through a unilevel payment framework.

A unilevel payment structure positions an associate on top of a unilevel team, with every directly hired associate put straight under them (level 1):.

If any type of level 1 associates recruit brand-new associates, they are positioned on degree 2 of the initial affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any type of level 2 affiliates hire new associates, they are positioned on degree 3 and so on etc down an academic infinite variety of degrees.

Recurring commissions are paid as a percent of funds spent down eight unilevel group degrees.

The number of degrees a Weenzee affiliate gains referral payments down is established by ranking:.

  • Customers gain 3% on level 1 (personally hired associates), 2% on degree 2, and also 1% on degree 3.
  • User+ associates gain 3% on degree 1, 2% on level 2 as well as 1% on degrees 3 as well as 4.
  • WeenA associates gain 3% on degree 1, 2% on degree 2, 1% on degrees 3 as well as 4 and also 0.5% on level 5.
  • WeenB affiliates make 5% on degree 1, 3% on level 2, 1% on levels 3 and 4 and also 0.5% on levels 5 as well as 6.
  • WeenC affiliates make 5% on level 1, 3% on degree 2, 2% on degree 3, 1% on degrees 4 and 5 as well as 0.5% on degrees 6 and also 7.
  • Leaders as well as higher make 7% on degree 1, 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3, 1% on levels 4 and 5 and also 0.5% on degrees 6 to 8.

Signing up with Weenzee.

Weenzee associate subscription is linked to a financial investment in WNZ factors.

There doesn’t seem a minimal financial investment quantity.


Weenzee is your normal Ponzi points Multi Level Marketing system.

The company claims to produce exterior profits with “Weenzee AI”.

Weenzee AI exists just in a CGI advertising video clip. Weenzee supplies no evidence of making use of outside income to pay affiliates.

Moreover Weenzee is not signed up to supply securities in any type of jurisdiction is gets financial investment in, indicating the business is running unlawfully worldwide.

Weenzee’s admins generate WNZ points at little to no charge. There is no public trading so they establish the worth as they choose.

Based upon this comprised value, Weenzee’s admins solicit actual financial investment for useless WNZ factors.

Returns are paid in WNZ factors, which once again costs Weenzee admins little to absolutely nothing to produce.

At the end of the financial investment period (where you park your WNZ points), Weenzee affiliates squander via the firm’s interior exchange.

Preliminary withdrawals are seeded by Weenzee’s admins (using formerly invested funds).

The goal in a NETWORK MARKETING Ponzi directs scheme however is to get new investors to straight fund existing capitalist’s withdrawal requests.

These funds are additionally utilized to pay reference compensations, which rewards Weenzee’s top financier employers.

When Weenzee reaches or come close to emergency, the NETWORK MARKETING Ponzi directs exit-scam model will see them discover some dodgy exchange to go public on.

This is from Weenzee’s Frequently Asked Question:.


  • We are already negotiating with the Eastern as well as European stock market on the listing of the WNZ device.
  • The most up-to-date details will be uploaded with a list of linked exchanges on the web page “Exchanges” (it is planned in 2019).

The interior hype bordering this pumps WNZ’s first public value, permitting the proprietors and also leading capitalists to cash a lot more out.

WNZ’s public value then promptly discards, leaving the majority of Weenzee Review affiliate investors bagholding one more pointless altcoin.

In order for Weenzee’s owners and early associates to swipe cash, the majority of Weenzee’s associate capitalists need to shed it.