VoteStream Review – Vote Stream lets you run live votes inside your Facebook live vid

By | November 21, 2016

Vote Stream lets you run live votes inside your FB live videos….and you do not actually need to be on a live video yourself.

With our app &training, you can setup a Fb live feed to explode your Facebook pages likes and social engagement at previously unheard of levels.
Let me explain The way.

Unless you’ve been on a desert island, you have probably noticed the small matter of the US Presidential Election taking place.
And….like everybody else, you probably saw endless arguments, posts & videos about it before & during the event, for the last 12+ months.
During all that, there is a good chance you saw a live vote video clip for which candidate to go for, or something else related to their latest debate or drama.

Look at the amazing results we’d just in testing Vote Stream:votestream1

…and when they ran it live for a little longer in another post, they got even crazier interaction…again on this “dead” page. All they did was create it in Vote Stream and make it live. Nothing else, so emails, no ads.votestream2

We ran this campaign again a day later and let it run a little longer. Again, there was no email, no ads, no special traffic trick…we just posted it to our “dead” page and it got 170 likes, 1300 views and loads of comments.
Imagine the power of doing this with a viral style question? Maybe ask people which t-shirt design they prefer, then create it and sell it to them?
How about using it to see what their favourite slogan is, then add that to a shirt? Maybe you have a shopify store and could use this to let people vote to win a product? The ideas for what you can do with VoteStream are almost endless!
Pages have been doing this all over Facebook for the last few weeks, using time intensive manual coding, or an expensive “media agency” type app that is beyond the reach of regular people….but the results are truly amazing.
Check out just some FB Live voting videos from the last week (EXACTLY the kind of FB Live voting videos VoteStream now lets you create easily)


The method for creating these was a closely guarded secret, the reserve of a few expensive (very expensive actually) subscription apps…
…but that changes now.
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