Vine Enhances the End is Nigh, Transitioning into New ‘Vine Camera’ App

By | January 13, 2017

Back in November, following the release of their Q3 results, Twitter showed it could be closing its 6-second video app Vine. The social media community responded with both frustration & sadness, with some suggesting that Twitter can have done more to save the app – for a time it seemed like Vine might be rescued, with rumors of discussions between Twitter & potential buyers for the tool. But those rumors have proven to be just that – via the EverLesson Vine blog on Medium, the team have enhanced that Vine is shutting down in January.

In the post, the Vine team confirms that users can download all their Vines, with the app’s latest update adding a tool simplify the process.

But in January, things can change, with Vine becoming essentially a Twitter tool ‘Vine Camera’.

From the Vine post:

“In January, we are transitioning the Vine app to a pared-down Vine Camera. With the camera app you’ll still be able to make six-second looping videos, either post them directly to Twitter / save them to your phone.”

So Vine will live on, kind of – you will still be able to create Vines & post them to Twitter, save them to your camera roll, but all other functionality of the Vine app would be gone. That means Vine profiles, saved Vines (though they will remain in your tweets), extra Vine effects & tools will all be gone, or at least, they will become inaccessible for editing purposes. You will only be able to create 6-second videos that live on Twitter / on your device, similar to posting any other photo / video content – though they’ll loop the way Vine videos do now.

An important note – all of the Vines that exist will live on at the website, you just will not be able to download them anymore once the app transitions.

In terms of what Vine creators could do, Vine’s clarified the details further with a dedicated FAQ page.

The main way note is that if you want to download your Vines, you could do it now – the latest Vine update (v 5.43.0) makes this easy to do.

And while you cannot transfer your Vine followers across to Twitter, Vine’s looking to re-direct your audiences to your Twitter presence with a new prompt which will appear on accounts that are connected to a Twitter profile.

The update feels a little abnormal. On one hand, it is sad that Vine’s going, but on the other, the new tool sounds very similar – it is Vine without the dedicated platform. But really, Vine’s popularity relied on its Twitter connectivity anyway, so it is possible that Vine functionality would remain a part of the eco-sphere – you will still be able to post Vine-like content, you just will not have a Vine profile to refer to.

Of course, it is hard to say exactly how this work without seeing the new Vine Camera app in action, but it seems like less of a loss knowing that something of Vine could remain.