Tesler App Review

By | December 30, 2016

Who’s Steven Abraham?

Steven Abraham who claims to be the owner of Tesler code. In the video, he keeps on bragging that he is a millionaire and trying to help other people. He even speaks about being featured on Forbes Magazines, Wall Street, & Bloomberg. He even has a nickname in Wall Street called Midas.

When we did our research about the owner & we’ve found out that he’s nothing but hired actor who’s willing to do anything for getting paid by the scammers. There is no record of him on any magazines and Wall Street there is no record of a name called Midas. These are nothing but the scammers are trying to grab the attention of the people & convince them to join their software so that they can steal their cash. This means the owner can not be trusted stay away from them; they’re worth trusting.

Tesler Code Software: About Lead Pattern!! Lack of Information

Here, in the video Steven Abraham have introduced to us about “Lead pattern.” One thing he forgot to mention what Lead Pattern is all about? He never gets time to explain as he keeps on speaking how you can make cash in no time with the help of this app. There is a total lack of information about the Tesler app. There is question comes in the mind how they’ve made some profits without giving any information about the Software.

This means that we cannot trust the Software, this is just a trick made by the scammers to lure the innocent people and steal their cash.

Testimonials & Fake Reviews about Tesler Code

When you visit the website, you might have noticed they’ve displayed some of their member’s pictures on their homepage. Here, they’ve written how they have made huge profits in no time with the help of this app. Even in the video, they have shown some of the video testimonials given by the people claiming how they’ve made profits in less than 30 days.

Do not trust them; they’re just hired actors from the internet who are willing to anything to get paid by the scammers. And about the pictures displayed on the homepage is also nothing but Stock images taken from the internet just to attract the people in order to steal their cash .

Claims to make $1,000,000 in less than six months!! Impossible!!!

In the video clip, the owner Steven Abraham claims to make you earn some cash for $1,000,000 in less than six months. This is totally impossible claims made by the owner; in fact, even in the binary options can not make such huge amount in less than six months with the auto-trading system.

These claims are nothing but made by those scammers to grab the attention of the people. As you know, their main goal is to steal their cash & disappear. Do not trust whatever they claim and make promises they are not worth it; you must stay away from them.

More Fake Claims: Members in US are making $208 per hour!!!

In the homepage, they have again displayed some images like even in US some of the members are making $208 each hour with Tesler App. When we did our investigation & found out there is no such company named Tesler code. Then how come the members in India can make such profits with this app. This means they are nothing but fake Software just to lure the innocent people

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