The Reason For 2016 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing

By | September 10, 2016

The Founder and CEO of Explainify, Eric Hinson, which makes short, animated brand videos that tell stories, engage customers, and drive sales. Yeah, and you should check out because he has a free storytelling guide as follow: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Turn Your Brand Story Into a Conversion Machine.

January has come and gone, and February slipped out the door right behind it. It is now March, and to implement all those new campaigns and initiatives you developed in December you are probably working hard.

However, did you set the right goals? And to achieve those goals, are you using the right tools?

The fact of the matter is, you are missing out when you did not include a video marketing strategy as part of your broader content marketing plan.

A nice afterthought is not just video. To take your marketing strategy into the stratosphere, it is a chance with Pixel Studio FX. (highlight to tweet)

Is it the good news? It is springtime or a fresh start, or as can say a chance to do marketing better. And to tap into the power of video, it is not too late. This is only a couple of the many reasons 2016 is the year of video marketing.year-of-video-marketing-compressed

  1. Video Will Help You Dominate Your Marketing Objectives

Video is not a silver bullet is one of our main messages at Explainify

Although it might seem like I am shooting myself in the foot with that silver bullet, it is true by saying that: on its own, video is not magically going to grow your business. However, you will see serious returns when you use video strategically to accomplish specific business objectives.

This is only a few examples:

  • To add a video to your website can develop the chance of a front page Google result by up to 53x.6
  • To use videos in email marketing has been displayed to double click-through rates.
  • Video conversion rates consistently outperform other marketing content as according to 71 percent of marketers say.
  • To engage with video content such as embed, share, or comment, audiences are 10x more likelymore than text-only blogs or related social posts.

Video will help you get there when you have a clear vision for what marketing objectives you want to achieve.

  1. Video Is No Longer Just for the Top of Your Funnel

We make explainer videos as a lot of companies see, they think video marketing stops there. However, to offer your audience video content throughout the buyer’s journey, there are so many opportunities for you as video that will help educate them, make it easy to trust your brand, and move them to a purchase decision faster.

Top-of-Funnel Video

Obviously, to improve conversions, a great way is still awareness-stage video. Take ExactTarget, for instance: Their bounce rate decreased and the average time on site growth by 100 percent when they implemented video on their website.

Or at Limelight Networks what about the folks? Thanks to video, their bounce rate essentially evaporated, and their unique visitor count doubled, almost overnight.

Middle-of-Funnel Video

However, if you stopp at the top of the funnel, it would be a big mistake. To stay in touch with folks who are in the consideration stage, making their purchase decision, a great opportunity is video.

That is exactly what legendary online shoe retailer Zappos thought. And they saw a 30 percent impact on sales when they added product demo videos to their product pages.year-of-video-marketing1-compressed

Bottom-of-Funnel Video

Also your existing customers will appreciate ongoing engagement via video content, as when IKEA designed a series of instructional videos showing customers how to build some of their most popular furniture.

At every stage, video belongs of the buyer’s journey. And when you utilize greater video in your funnel, you will make it easier for those buyers to move down the path to purchase.

  1. To Feel the Love With Video

Video is critical to helping people connect with, do not forget, and care about your brand. Let’s consider these statistics:

  • Even in text-centric learners, video-based multimedia material create better learning performance and more positive emotion according to experiments show that. (Chih-Ming Chen)
  • Because stories are 22x more memorable than facts alone, videos are usually presented as stories. (Jennifer Aaker, Stanford)
  • By watching a video, positive emotions, created, can actually impact your viewers’ buying decisions.(Scheibehenne)
  • In the human brain processes, visuals are 60,000x faster than text.(HubSpot)

Simply put, a great video taps into the human mind in ways that images and text just can not.

  1. Your Competition’s Already On It

Video marketing is not so secret anymore is the secret sauce. In fact:

  • As the type of content with the best ROI.3, 52 percent of marketing professionalsname video.
  • To boost marketers brand awareness campaigns, 76 percent of theirplan to use video.
  • Over the next year, in their content marketing, 96 percent of B2B companiesare planning to use video.

Actually can you afford to be left behind?

  1. The year of video is 2016.

Consumer internet video traffic will go from 64 percent in 2014 to over 80 percent by 2019, did you know that? It is not very far away.

However, do not panic. To get in on the video marketing game, there is still plenty of time left in the year. You have to get started.

The Five Reasons For Why Ignoring Video Is Hurting Your Profit from Explainify

Do you want to see more? Let’s download the “5 Reasons Video MUST Be Part of Your 2016 Marketing Budget” infographic.

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