LiveEngager Review – Should I Get It?

By | August 31, 2018

LiveEngager Review Simple Software Leads, and Cash All On Demand!


Live Engager will help any struggling or even experienced online business owner get the most out of every fan page they have while
cutting the workload to shreds. With all the improvements that Facebook is making with their technology, it has become easier than
ever to profit with any Fanpage you have!

What Does FB Live Engager Do?

Quickly and Easily Create Videos With Polls – Live Engager makes it easy for anyone to get up and running quickly. Just simply
choose from one of the numerous templates (see below), customize it until your heart’s content, and then launch it on your Fanpage
to catch more involvement from the industry!
Add your survey and launch!

Six Voting Templates With Bars For Visually Stunning Donation – When you run a competition or have some type of poll, there is no
better way to get people involved than by making it something interesting to do. These templates will help while creating a little
competition bring your fans.

Six Voting Templates Complete With Hashtag Ability – Listen, hashtags continue to be regardless of what some fake guru might tell
you, a big deal. That’s why people use them so much. Well now you can take advantage of that excess traffic by integrating
hashtags (trending ones too) into your favorite polls or contests!

Simple To Use FB Live Scheduler That Brings Sales and More Leads! – Live Engager also allows you to take advantage of FB Live by
giving you the option to schedule any of your media polls as a live media! Now you don’t have to sit at the computer and do
things. Set up your media, run the scheduler, select your profile picture, set your time, and Live Engager will post on your
Fanpage to tell people about your upcoming video! (We’ll explain how to do this step by step!)

Six Fan Anticipating Countdown programs – Along with all the scheduling option, Live Engager includes six countdown templates that
you can use to countdown to future or past events. And all in just a few steps!

20 Professionally Recorded Royalty Free Background Music Tracks – One of the great things about using media polls or any media is
that you do need to talk! But when there is no sound at all that can be somewhat’awkward’ right? Well Live Engager has you
covered. Simply choose from our library of 20 royalty free tracks that you can use to accompany your video and now your media has
gone from just plain or bland to being 100X more engaging!

Live Engager News Ticker For Displaying Call To Actions and Morel – If there is one thing all of us have to admit, once we watch
the news another app, the scrolling ticker text in the bottom or top always seems to draw our attention away from the content
right? Well, now you can use that technique! With this option you can customize your text and it will display like ticker news
right along with your media and allow you to use all types of call to actions for as long as you want!

Real Time Reactions Will Help Bring You More FREE Facebook Traffic – By having plenty of activity going on with your movies, not
only do your fans begin to share and enjoy your videos, but then it begins to improve your reach from the Facebook realm. And only
by these few things happening, more people start to understand your media which means more FREE traffic that you don’t have to pay
a dime for AND you may monetize any way you desire.

Live Engager Live Guessing Game Option – show how smart they are and People like to play games. It’s why you keep seeing those
same types of posts such as,”Everyone will find this math problem wrong” or”If you figure this out, you are a genius”. And then
you examine shares, the likes, and comments, and you find a TON of them! Why? Because people want to prove they are above average
with these types of games and Live Engager allows you to take the exact same fan curiosity and ego – and makes it possible to take
it to another level!

25 Plus Premium Backgrounds For Any Live Poll You Create and Run – Along with everything you see here, we also want to make sure
you can find any live poll up and running fast while still looking professional at the exact same time. Engagement at its finest
Detailed Statistical Tracking At Its Finest – Along with all of the extraordinary features of Live Engager, we would like to allow
you to have the choice to see how your videos are working for you. With the Live Engager platform, you can see a birds eye view of
every media each one plays and you print with Live Engager. This way you’ll know which sort of videos to create in the future
while dumping the rest that don’t produce in the procedure to receive even more engagement.

Get Interactions and Views – How? – it is a known fact that Facebook Live videos have been viewed up to 3X more than videos that
are not live. Using this knowledge can’t only increase sales, but also create rabid fans in the procedure!

Supercharge Your Results – How? – tune, nothing works better than video. And rightfully so since we all are people. When you
incorporate media into your marketing and Fanpages, you exponentially increase your brand awareness, profits, leads, and much
more. . .only about 1000X faster!

Makes Being Social TRULY SOCIAL – Why? It has done the opposite if anything.
Be Everywhere All At The Same Time – How? – If you manage a number of groups and pages, now you can schedule live videos in every
single one without having to do it one at a time. As you reap the benefits, imagine the amount of time this will save you! For
doing the amount of work, and all.

Can Work For Any Market Or Any Niche – Why? – participation is crucial As I said earlier. With Live Engager, you are able to stir
up any marketplace. Every sector or niche desires a specific result and when you use Live Engager to help find what that outcome
is while at the same time creating tons of interests on your polls and videos, you’re sure generate a ton of sales and leads on

Get Opinions Which Gets More Traffic – How? – Live videos have been known to get up to 10X more comments than routine videos. All
because people are currently interacting with the content in real time. So once you compare this to regular movies, all things
being equal, if a normal media could produce $10 in profit, then a live one using the same parameters should product up to $100 in
profit! And for doing the exact same or less amount of work.

1. Can Live Engager work with any market or any niche?
Yes engagement is key. And with Live Engager, you can stir up engagement in any market. Think about it people all love to
socialize. With Live Engager you’re sure generate a bunch of sales and leads on demand.
2. Is This Facebook Compliant?
Yes, Facebook has approved Live Engager with all essential API permissions to perform every action inside the program.
3. Can This Work on my Mac/Windows? Yes! Live Engager is a solution and will work on any operating system.
4. If I have multiple Fan Pages, does this work? Now you can schedule videos in every one if you manage multiple pages.
5. Is Training Included?
Absoltely – a complete video knowledge base of operating the Program and setting up

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