Jungle Scout Review – Should You Get It?

By | September 10, 2018

What’s Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout was launched in 2015 with the objective of assisting Amazon sellers find profitable products to market while taking
the guesswork out. In only 2 decades, Jungle Scout has over. They offer free resources, a web app and a paid Google Chrome
Extension, all which empower Amazon sellers to be successful and more profitable. Whether you utilize Jungle Scout’s free
resources or services, they have a tool that you can benefit from if you looking to become, or are currently, an Amazon seller
because you can quickly see competition level and earnings. Later in this article I will share how Jungle Scout has enabled me to
achieve success with satisfaction by Amazon, or”FBA.” “Jungle Scout is for anybody using the entrepreneurial ambition to start and
grow a business.” I was able to go from $0 in sales, to over $23,000 due to the Jungle Scout products I used. My objective is that
by the end of the Jungle Scout review, you will have the ability to determine if the program is ideal for you.

I have never used the retailer fulfilled option and have experience with Amazon FBA. The information below is still useful but FBA
is highly recommended by me.

I’ve seen lots of people ask if there is a Jungle Scout free trial; there is not. The free resources include:

The Jungle Revenue Estimator *

The Listing Grader
Collaborative Product Launch *

Sales Estimator

For free, you can see a very exact estimate of revenue for an Amazon product enter its sales rank that can be found on the actual


The Jungle Scout Webinars are excellent because they answer the questions that we all Amazon sellers have as we are on this
journey. It’s helpful to hear expert talk or answer questions that are similar.

The Genius Series

Jungle Scout has produced content for these challenges that assistance has been asked for by consumers on, although naturally
there will be challenges to overcome as an Amazon seller.

Follow every detail from Jungle Scout’s product launch. The companies aim is to reach $1,000,000 and to show ever step along the
way. This was really inspiring for me when I first started.

The Listing Grader

This free tool employs a Jungle Scout algorithm to assess offers ways and your Amazon listing the listing can be

Collaborative Product Launch

Offers more in-depth detail about the Jungle Stix merchandise. By the way, all the proceeds from the Jungle Stix product are being
contributed to”Doctors Without Borders.”

For additional information regarding the products visit the Help Desk.

The Jungle Scout Web Program offers three different packages: Standard, Start Up, and Business

Jungle Scout Web App, Start Up (All the basic features at the lowest cost )

Product Database
Product Tracker
Monitor Your Competitors
Sales and Rank Data
International Marketplaces
Time-Saving Filters
Up to 1 User
Tracks 40 Products

Standard, jungle Scout Web Program

  • Niche Hunter
  • Tracks 80 Products
  • Jungle Scout Web Program

Up to 5 Users
Tracks 150 Products
$69/month or $99/month if billed monthly

Jungle Scout Web Program”Start Up”

As you can see, Niche Hunter is only included in the”Standard” and”Business” options, so what’s it? Niche Hunter assists Amazon
sellers find profitable niches. Niche Hunter looks for that niche to make sure that the niche is profitable. Occasionally a couple
of listings in a market make the niche look profitable, but there may be other reasons for the success. Niche Hunter makes sure
there are no anomalies causing the niche to look more profitable than it truly is. Plus Niche Hunter will also show you the Google
Trends if the info is available. Do I think this is product is essential? No, but it might save you time. Then go for it if you
can afford the extra $20 per month, although I do my due diligence by taking a look at the 10 products by using the other Jungle
Scout tools myself.

In the screenshot above, you can see all of the various search credentials for the Jungle Scout Web Program. I will do another
write up on how to find the Amazon product that is perfect to sell, but because this is. The web app is very well laid out, layout
wise, and I have not experienced any technical issues within the previous 6 months. The quantity of search options is great, as
you can limit your product search immensely.

Once you have found a possible product to market, you can track it in your”Tracked Products” section. In the screenshot above you
will see three sample products that give you an idea of what information is revealed. Below I’ve used a real life example of a
product which I sold 6 weeks ago. This specific product sells 83 units per day, has an average rank of 746 and earns about $ 2,700
a day in revenue. That equates to $81,000 per month in earnings! Note, I don’t suggest selling this product since it is now very
competitive, once I looked into selling it there was no competition…yes I regret not selling it now!

But back to this screenshot. Beneath the product is a graph that shows inventory levels which is helpful when trying to work out
your competition and estimated sales. To the right is even more information that shows the listing quality, weight, measurements,
reviews, etc.. This information can allow you to decide if you should enter a product niche or not.

I’ve shown that this information is true, see more in the”Accuracy” section of the review.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension offers two packages: Lite and Pro

Monthly Sales & Revenue
Industry Leading Accuracy

Category & Seller Ranking
Ongoing Support & Updates
$97/One-time fee

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, Guru (More power for profitable sellers)

Dimension & Weight of Items
FBA Fee Estimator
Opportunity Score
$197/One-time fee

Personally I think Jungle Scout Lite is all that you want, especially if you are using the Jungle Scout web app in conjunction!
Amazon provides free services. If you’re using the Jungle Scout web app you can see the dimension and weight of things already,
and if you take the time to look over the opponents’ listings, you can set your own chance score.

In the screenshot above you can see that I used the scratch off map product again. As soon as you have found a product which may
be worth promoting, run the Chrome extension. The extension shows you average monthly earnings, sales status, cost, reviews,
sales, revenue, etc.. At a glance you can quickly see a list of top competitors for the item which will help you determine the
need and competition. Bear in mind, use the”x” to remove any products which don’t match what you are looking for, as these can
skew your results.

Ease of Use
All of Jungle Scout products are simple to use and hassle free. I haven’t had a single issue using either the web app or Chrome
extension. All toggles, input boxes and functions work as expected and are instinctive. All the content is laid out nicely and
allows to find an opportunity. Less time spent more time actually selling the product, earning money is meant by attempting to
find a product that was profitable.

JungleScout Accuracy
I was able to compare my own products to the outcomes the Jungle Scout shows, since I have been selling products though Amazon FBA
for the previous 6 months. Their results were very accurate! Each time, their earnings approximation was only a few hundred
dollars off and sales amount was only a few products off. I was quite impressed with my findings and this gave me increased
confidence that Jungle Scout is the perfect product for your job. Don’t be, if you are concerned that the quotes that Jungle Scout
shows are incorrect. I had reservations at first, when I saw my results, but they were quickly eased.

Customer Service
Again, Jungle Scout gets full points for this class! Many times I emailed customer service with regard to selling on Amazon in
general, not for help with their particular products. Every time my questions have been answered quickly and with the info that I
needed. Shout out she was phenomenal! Customer service was there to assist me, so I am confident they will be there to help you if
you ever need it (24/7 customer support).

My Personal Experience With Jungle Scout and Amazon FBA

Before August 20th 2017, I had never sold a product on Amazon. After learning about the huge potential for using Amazon
Fulfillment (FBA), I decided to do extra research. I opted to purchase the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and Jungle Scout Web
Program and found the Jungle Scout products. I was greeted with comparatively fast success after using JS to find my product. I
want to encourage that you can become successful with Amazon FBA while there are other Amazon vendors with earnings that is much,
I did.

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