Ecom Hunt is a Scam Or Legit?

By | December 25, 2018

Ecom Hunt is a Scam Or Legit?

You have probably noticed that Ecomhunt is a program that every drop shipper needs, or At least if you’ve looked hard enough you might have. Either way, I am going to first-hand review one of the greatest apps for all drop shippers and allow you to determine if it is going to boost your store.

There’s a lot to this program and really took me some time to get used to, but today is one of the more useful ones I’ve ever used. Let us dive into exactly what I found on Ecomhunt.

I had been drop shipping for a little while and haven’t exactly been able to discover what products are hot and what I need to try to sell. I continuously kept switching different items on my store hoping I would find one that I could go off of for a short time.

Ecom Hunt is a Scam Or Legit?

The significant problem with the market is that it legit changes every day.

People today want different stuff by the week and that may make a drop shippers life very tricky. You need to be able to attack what is hot at the best time and then go with it. I figured that out very early on. If you aren’t finding what people want and are hot then you are straight up screwed. You’re going to have a ton of items that just sit in your store and have nothing come from it.

Well, this exact reason is why I began to look for some help. I needed something to give me data to help me find what was hot and figure out what to exactly sell–basically an online virtual assistant. I’ve used many different apps over the years but I can say with confidence that Ecomhunt is undoubtedly one of the better ones that I have ever used.

The thing I really like about Ecomhunt is that it provides me hot items that I’m going to be able to sell each day. It updates and changes all of the time so it helps me to quick and easy money.

I love how much information that the program gives to me and it actually helps me to discover things that are actually worth selling. It gives you a link to a single place in which you can purchase and where you can sell it.

There’s one slight downside that I do not like Ecom Hunt and that is the Targeting section.

It’s still helpful but very very wide. Sometimes it is only going to list a popular country to market to. I love to get as specific as possible down to the hottest city in which a specific item is selling.

That is not even really a bad thing, just something that I am not a huge fan of and believe they could improve.

You’re also given a variety of different social media statistics. You can see which things are being talked about on popular social networking accounts and which things are being liked the most. This is actually big on locating products that are popular right at that specific time.

There are many unique extensions and add-on I actually enjoy about Ecomhunt.

One of the better ones is Adhunter. Adhunter is a useful tool that lets you find Facebook adverts and how long they have been running for. This is extremely useful in looking to see what all of the contest is going for.

One of the other extensions that I like about Ecomhunt is that it provides you must have Shopify Apps to enhance your store. When I was starting off with drop shipping it could be somewhat tough to find tools that go well on your own website.

And moving down to the end of my review, among the most important things that Ecomhunt offers is training.

A extremely overlooked service that most individuals don’t appreciate. It can be quite useful if you can’t figure out just how to do something or if you are only starting out as a drop shipper.

Regardless, there are many free training videos which should help show you the ropes. Some of the videos that I might add are only for pro members to get a few additional dollars, but you should have the ability to get by with a few of the free ones for the time being.

I truly hope you enjoyed my review on Ecomhunt.

I chose to review this app because it really helped me and my drop shipping store out. It is a very useful app that is especially helpful for beginners.

I highly recommend that you give this tool a try even if you’re an experienced drop shipper. It can save you a bunch of time and even make you more money by finding products that you never even thought to look off.

Now when I first started off the app was kinda complicated because there’s so much information on one page and it can get overwhelming. I recommend that you watch videos on it first before just diving in. It really helped me when I was first starting off.

The easy answer is yes. Regardless if you’re an experienced drop shipper or not, this instrument can still assist you. Even to this day, I use the tool to help me locate daily deals and make me money.

The app offers so much and I still find new tools to this day. I believe the app is definitely worth the money and can help you out if you put time into it.

I really hope this review gave you some good information and then you really give it a chance. It can surely help out your drop shipping company.

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