Doodly Review

By | January 2, 2017

Who Are The Makers Of Doodly?

Jimmy Kim & Brad Callen are the men behind Doodly tool. Jimmy &Brad are well known names in the field of online marketing who have been digital marketers for a combined 23+ years and are responsible for over $52 Million Dollars in digital product sales & email marketing in multiple niches.

They are the masterminds behind LeadsTunnel, Build My List 2.0, Dark Post Engine, Push Connect Notify & many more successful digital product launches.Doodly Was Born

What Is The Main Idea Behind Doodly tool?

It was just a few years ago, Jimmy &Brad saw video & video marketing show up in the market place and there is 1 thing we can be certain of:
It’s here to stay.

Over the past few years, Jimmy & Brad had some amazing success with Doodle tool.

As you can see, Fat Loss Factor used a simple doodle sales video & sold 81,000 copies. That is over $3.3 Million Dollars in sales!

Or here’s a screen shot of Brad’s eCommerce store. He uses a doodle video tool to help sell his supplements and in 2017, Brad has done over $8.8 Million Dollars in sales.

That is PROOF – The creators know from their own experience that doodle video clips WORK.

Just over 9 months ago, they began this project. their mission was simple.

Develop a doodle animation pc that was simple to use, created realistic videos & was something they could use in their own marketing.

And That’s When Doodly tool Was Born…..

Doodly tool is by far one of the coolest, easiest to use PC software apps the makers have created to date.

They knew it had to have 3 unique elements to help them stand apart from the others:

=> They’d to make it tech-friendly.

Though The makers know plenty of techy guys, let’s face it: even in 2017, it is important that tool passes the ‘mom test’. They made sure Doodly tool was made to be THAT simple.

=> They need it to be realistic.

Too many times, other “doodle” video makers are just showing images as they want. The makers wanted it to show the way it would be drawn and let the end user DECIDE how they want it be drawn on screen.

=> They wanted a blackboard option!

Everyone talks whiteboard, but many niches would LOVE a blackboard. So the makers added that option as well!

Doodly software was made FOR The creators #1 to save usthem tons of cash on video production WHILE giving them increased conversions, which means more sales and more cash.

So, What Is Doodly?

Doodly tool  is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Included is over 200 custom “poses”, 30 scenes, 100 props AND the ability to upload your own images.
Fully tested & developed from the ground up, Doodly allows users to create unlimited videos right from their desktop for their marketing needs.

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