“Donate Button” – Facebook wonderful feature for fan pages

By | April 21, 2016

Facebook “Donate Button” for non-profit organizations’ fan pages

We see Facebook is more and more highly appreciated since it has unveiled another wonderful new feature to its services called “Donate Now” button.  Basically, this special feature is targeted to non-profit organizations. As per official statement of Facebook, for anyone who owns a non-profit organization and also have a fan page for it, he or she can only have benefit of it if installing or utilizing this option. So, as you see, by introducing the “Donate Now”, Facebook has made it easier instead of going from door to door, asking for donations. Check out: Video Agent X

Social media sites, as the most cost effective source, have proved to be really effective in supporting the non-profit organizations. Facebook is playing a role as the leader in such platforms introduced the “Donate Now” button, it is obvious. So, you have to create it through a specific app for the aim of making its’ full use.

For the “Donate Button Creator” application, it is very effective in creating Donations for any type of charity, indeed.Facebook wonderful feature for fan pages1-compressed

Now, you will learn to create the “Donate Button” in the contents below:

Step 1: It asks you to login to the Facebook account

Step 2: Then, you type the Donation Button Creator in the Graph search. So, from the Google, you may get equal search results equal. As you can see, the link that appears the topmost in the list will be the one that you are searching for.

Step 3: Next, the link will be allowed access in separate window. Writing the name for your charity page is also necessary for you to do.

Step 4: And, there, it will ask you the reason why you are supporting this charity. So, you just answer it and click on the “Post” button as well.

Step 5: Finally, install this “Donate Now button” for your Facebook fan page or for your website. Well, it needs you to copy the desired code and then paste it at appropriate place at your website source code. With a fan page, if want to install it for your website, you are required to click on Install on Facebook Page. So, for all pages with the admin privileges, they will be shown in this window. Then, you click on “Install Now” button, simply. You should choose all required pages, then you click on Add Donate Button Creator, it is needed, so remember that.
You will have to change settings in order to create the Donate Now button to your fan page for your Facebook account.

Thus, to change the desired settings, it is so simple that you just go to your fan page, and then click on the pencil button in order to open the desired tab for your editing. It may that you hover the Donate button and click on the pencil tool button as well. Therefore, from there, it may that you choose the Edit Settings option from the list available of settings. If required, you have to type the tab name and change the button image as well. In this way, a very secure connection in order to receive donations from users through your fan page will be created for you.

Facebook, as a friendly platform for user and the highest ranked social media platform, it has delivered a wonderful option in order to receive funds and donations from users. You will find that the platform itself makes quick and easy for the receiving of funds and donations. With these donations, they can prove to be really vital for bringing betterments to the life of very deserving people, in natural disaster, especially.