Discover How Lions Can Teach to Trade Professionally

By | April 26, 2016

For any professional trader, it is obvious that he shares a great number of traits and behaviors with the ‘King of the jungle’, whether he can realize it or not. Living in the wild, a lion provides us with a very good metaphor so that it helps us to understand about the way to behave in the market.

For some very good reasons, we can see that lions are known as the ‘Kings’ of the jungle. Indeed, they are very strategic, really confident yet patient, also relentless yet intelligent and highly-skilled as well. As lions, they are fine-tuned hunting machines nature has perfected more than millions of years.

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You should be relentless

Well, lions are relentless and it’s very clear. They are really determined for the aim of catching their prey and they don’t give up at the first hint of difficult situations.

So, you need to be relentless in regards to your trading approach, as being a trader. After a losing trade or two, it is too hard for you to get discouraged, thus, that is not the mindset of a winning trader. Moreover, for the reason that trading ‘seems hard’ or there’s ‘a lot to learn’, so, you cannot get discouraged as well. If really want to free yourself from the slavery’s ‘chains’ that is modern-day society, jobs and ‘working’, for example, it is then asked for you to have a relentless, immovable commitment to learn trading properly as the only way to free one’s self from those chains is just by successful trading.

Also, Must be adaptable

As you can know, lions are adaptable. They choose to go after whatever prey is most available to them. And, these preys can include impala, gazelles, zebras, even hippos and elephants (sometimes, humans too). They will not force themselves to starve to death if the prey most accustomed to them has moved out. Lions can have a solution for this. That is they will find new prey or they will choose to move to where there’s more prey for them to eat.

So, being a trader, it is very necessary for you to be able to adapt to the changing of market conditions. Of course, markets fail to always trend perfectly. In fact, you see that they are changing constantly. Thus, you are not going to survive very long if you are not applying a trading strategy allowing you to find high-probability signals for trading in any market condition (such as price action).

Remember to trade with strategy and skill as well

As it comes to the strategy and skill, they are known as a pride of lions’ hunt, so, this is really an amazing thing to have a watch of these. About hunting skills, they learn them as cubs. Then, surely, they always both practice and perfect those great skills and strategies. You can’t see lions take a random ‘gamblers’ approach into the way of their hunting style since their survival depends on it indeed.

In similarity, if you hope to become a profitable trader, of course, you cannot gamble your money in the market. Let’s see, the survival of a professional trader depends on his or her trading. So, it is very essential for taking a strategic and skilled approach to their trading. In cases of lions and professional traders, they both have strategies consistently executed, and if you hope to make money in trading, you have to do the same.

Choose to concentrate on the ‘easy’ trades

For a lion, part of its’ hunting strategy is aimed to single out the easiest prey in order to secure. Lions tend to go after the most obvious prey such as the ill, old or very young (also, weakest). We see the most obvious prey is known as the highest-probability for a lion, so, just the same to the clearest price action signals are considered as the highest-probability for a trader.

Being a price action trader, by mastering one trade pattern at a time, you can learn to find the ‘easy’ trades and then you also practice recognizing when that pattern appears in the market for trading successfully. It is obvious that you cannot go after the ‘easy’ trades if you don’t know clearly how they look like and in what ways that they can be different than random market ‘noise’, so which explains why you are required to LEARN about how to spot those ‘easy’ trades at first.

Must conserve your trading capital

Have you ever wondered why lions can lay around and sleep so much? Well, factually, it doesn’t mean that they’re lazy, just because they are conserving their energy. Thus, in the next time, as seeing an ‘easy’ prey that come around, they really have a good chance to catch and enjoy it. Notice, for lions, they don’t run after every zebra and gazelle or they see. In a wise way, they choose save their energy just for the highest-probability catches for their needs.

A Lion sees would quickly yield nothing if running after every potential prey, and also it would probably have long as led to their extinction as a species. To lions, we find they have survived and thrived for so long since among other reasons, they just go after the easy prey.

Well, as a trader, we can see ‘powerful prey’ as the low-probability trades not worth risking money, in contrast the ‘weak prey’ are the high-probability / obvious trades that you have to ‘run’ hard at them.

Also, it is so clear that a lion will not waste its’ energy unnecessarily. If having a sense that the prey is getting away, they will let it go and regroup as well. So, don’t take huge losses as a trader. It is very crucial to plan out your exit in advance and don’t get attached emotionally to any trade, you have to accept that you will have losses, so after having one, you need to move on quickly.

Lions make sure that they obviously secure their prey

For lions, once they tackle the prey, they do not let it get away. So, by jumping on it / biting its neck, they make sure to subdue the prey. They consume everything and defend it powerfully from scavengers as hyenas.

Similarly, it is a must for you to defend your profits from other traders and from the market as well. For doing this, you just make sure that you take logical profits as they are available. If seeing a very solid / key level near a 2R profit on your trade, then you should decide to place your profit target just before that level, for example. If you fail to do like this, it will probably that the market bounces at that level and start to move against you. You gave up that profit as a result.

Moreover, by not over-trading or taking low-probability trades, you can secure your profits. Remember not to give your profits back to the market just right after securing them. Keep them! And then, you can go back to patiently wait for another ‘easy prey’ trade. Like a lion, go take a nap and rest. But, just don’t give your profits back to the market from a stupid trade. So, notice this!

Your sense of risk / reward is very essential, so develop it!

As you can know, lions have a built in sense of risk reward, this is useful for them to live wild life. Obviously, they fail to go on a hunt unless they are confident that they will have a meal as a result for all their efforts. Actually, they don’t risk themselves to expend their energy on the very hard situation in order to kill prey. Instead, we see that they expend it on the easy prey, so, it may mean that they have to wait for it to come along for longer than they may like (it shows that they’re hungry. But, they know when they should strike and when not to).

It may the same to you that is you have to avoid taking unnecessary risks in the market. So, to do this, you shouldn’t go after non-signals, and so on. With reserving your energy/ money for obvious trade signals, that allows you to make the most out of them as they tend to arise. Just, patiently wait for the easy and obvious trades, and then you can go in hard when you spot them, it is like a pack of lions that runs after its chosen/ easy prey in order to get what they want.

Moreover, you should develop your trading instincts

Known as the kings of the jungle, lions have excellent instincts and gut feels to decide whether they should pursue a certain prey or not. It seems that this is something they were born partially with and also learned partially as a cub, that mostly from their mothers.

As humans being, we are all born with slightly unlike abilities and talents contributing to our trading skill or work against it. Fortunately, we can learn from others and also develop the ability for successfully trading, even if we weren’t born with a natural gift for it.

Well, for a trader, we see that the lion is an excellent metaphor for expressing how trader behavior should be had in the market. As a lion, you have to be strategic in your trading approach, also patient, confident, disciplined and protective of your trading capital in order to be succeeded in trading.

Let’s see, about the success and longevity of lions and their place as the ‘king of the jungle’ as well, are all derived from the result of their very superior hunting abilities that are based on all of the points we discussed as above. In similarity, if want to become a consistently profitable trader, it required you to have a strategy and an approach effectively supporting to your ‘hunting’ in the market. Moreover, taking my trading course will allow you a chance to learn the strategies as well as the approach that I apply for ‘hunting’ the high-probability price action trades and then, you will join my members’ area as well.