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5 Great Places To Further YouTube Videos

An idea has crossed your mind and you have crystallized it into a terrific YouTube video. Or, better yet, you have started the hard journey of becoming a regular vlogger with your own YouTube channel. Have to say it: you’ll need discipline for ensure, as well as a constant stream of fresh ideas, if you’ve… Read More »

Millennials Ensure 46% of Video is Consumed Via Mobile

Millennials Ensure 46% of Video is Consumed Via Mobile According to the latest report from Ooyala, 46% all of video plays in Q4 2015 were on mobile tools such as tablets and smartphones. In fact, tablet and smartphone video consumption increased 35% in the past year and have raised 170% since 2013. Well, video promoters might presume… Read More »

How-to Post a Pre-recorded, Edited Video to Instagram

One inadequacy for video uploads to Instagram is that changing the vidio content on phone prior of you to loading it is offen a bit of a bother. There are some plans that can help you but nothing that substitutes an NLE (non-linear editing system). This can lead to some prevention, but if you were… Read More »