Buy Myimuniversity 2.0 and Get Bonus

By | July 18, 2019

Myimuniversity 2.0 Review: Is Myimuniversity 2.0 A Scam?

What Does Myimuniversity 2.0 Do?

Myimuniversity 2.0 is a little different than most of the products that I review and it’s definitely intriguing.

Like I said in the summary up top, this product just won’t help too many people because most people aren’t directly promoting products or selling their own products – many people are promoting products through affiliate advertising (linking to products and earning a commission).

Buy Myimuniversity 2.0 and Get Bonus

For Myimuniversity 2.0 to work you actually need to have products that you’re selling like Udemy or Skillshare.

That’s actually what this course claims it can do for you – it’s an alternative to Udemy at which you can sell classes.

Now for a narrow set of internet marketers who put out a new course every month this can work.

Myimuniversity 2.0 also provides you 5 courses to begin with that you can sell and if you buy the upgrade you get a new class every month to sell.

Despite the fact that you receive courses to sell there’s one major thing missing and that is traffic.

You Need To Be Able To Drive Traffic

Myimuniversity 2.0 gives you fairly decent sales pages and classes which means the converting part is somewhat covered (you’ll need to capture emails and warm people up to your offer, though).

There is no training on how to get people to the courses Myimuniversity 2.0 provides for you.

So in case you know nothing about lead generation, paid traffic or free traffic you’re not likely to make a single dollar from such courses.

If you are skilled at driving people towards a sales page and getting them to purchase, then you probably can make some cash from Myimuniversity 2.0.

You Will Need The Upsell

Every product or course I review comes with an upsell – it’s just part of the game.

A whole lot of times someone will put out a product for very cheap (like $20) and then after you buy it immediately offer you an upsell that costs much more (like $99).

This is a major money maker for people that sell their own courses. Most of the time I’d say just skip the upsell or at least test out the product that you bought before shelling out more cash.

There’s 5 distinct upsells that include Myimuniversity 2.0 and you’ll definitely want the first one.

The reason I say this is when you purchase the first upsell you’re then allowed to connect custom domains and have a .com Site

If you don’t buy the first upsell then you will have a .Myimuniversity 2.0 domain, which appears scammy and will definitely hurt your sales.

I think it’s a little absurd you’ve got to pay extra to connect your domains but you’ll need to pay extra regardless. Combine the expense of the original price and the upsell and you are at about $150.

Like I said up top you receive 5 classes when you buy the Myimuniversity 2.0 and you get 1 class extra monthly for two years if you buy one of the pricier upsells (this upsell can cost over $200).

Here is the thing about these courses – they are kind of scammy and certainly are not courses I’d be proud of selling.

In actuality, I review courses all day long and my aims is to help people sort out the legit ones out of the non-legit ones.

When I came across a few of the courses that Myimuniversity 2.0 offers I’d give it a low grade – such as 30/100 and that I would not advise that you buy it.

Now quality courses that are low sell. You might not get repeat customers once people figure out the program is pretty much a scam or was overhyped but you can make a lot of money selling cheap classes.

I personally wouldn’t do it, though. There’s a reason I only suggest a handful of online marketing courses to my readers. I would not feel good about myself if I recommended products that didn’t work.

There’s a Money Back Guarantee

I’ve gotten my money back a few times from Clickbank and it is very easy. You just do a live chat and ask the representative for a refund.

The individual usually asks you why you want your money back and you simply say the product didn’t fulfill your expectations.

It’s a really simple and painless procedure.

Why Are There Positive Reviews?

If you head over to Google and you type in Myimuniversity 2.0 review you probably find a whole lot of reviews that give this route almost a perfect score.

There’s actually quite a few reviews that say the same thing.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: these reviews are fake. There’s a lot of”review” websites that have content automatically created for them and uploaded to their website.

This is called”article spinning.” These websites then try to pass off the testimonials as completely unique and legit.

All the pictures and videos are automatically placed in the guide and only positive things are mentioned. The person links to the course (which they did not even look at) and earns a commission every time someone buys.

You can spot these reviews if the wording seems robotic, unnatural or foreign, should they have loads and loads and loads of font and images and headings are a little off.

Additionally, every review on those sites is positive. It doesn’t matter what the product is or what it does, they’re always like a 4.8/5 or 9.6/10.

Last I checked there were about 5 or 6 of those reviews on Google’s first page for Myimuniversity 2.0.

So beware the favorable reviews.

What I Like About MyIMUnivesity

This product is interesting – I will give Myimuniversity 2.0 and its creators that.

It is almost like dropshipping but instead of selling cheap Chinese goods, you will be selling cheap online marketing products.

If you’re good at driving traffic there is a chance you can make money here. The landing pages are well made too and definitely seems like they would convert decently well.

What I Don’t Like About MyIMUnivesity

There is a lot I do not like here, though.


1) It serves a narrow audience: This product is only good for people looking to sell courses rather than for people just looking to do affiliate marketing.

2) No info on driving trafficYou’ll need to be an expert on driving traffic and especially paid traffic to make this item work. Without eyeballs, it doesn’t matter what you are selling – you won’t make any sales.

You will most likely need at least two of the upsells that will bring the purchase price of Myimuniversity 2.0 to over $200.

4) Courses supplied are low quality: I review make money at home courses for a living and basically know all the tricks. I can tell if a product is low quality since I’ve reviewed so many . While low quality products sell, they won’t really help anyone and you certainly won’t get many repeat buyers. The courses Myimuniversity 2.0 supply for you’re definitely low quality.

Here Is a Better Course For you

I personally think making money with Myimuniversity 2.0 will be difficult and I don’t really recommend it for anybody except people who are looking to sell their classes and tools.

If you are just looking to do affiliate marketing and encourage other people’s products with free visitors or to build an email list, this is not the course for you.

A better choice would be Wealthy Affiliate.

The best part? It’s totally free to try.