Auto Affiliate Machine Review — Legit or Scam?

By | September 25, 2018

Auto Affiliate Machine Review — Legit or Scam?

Another this week product that’s been selling like hot cakes on JVZoo is known as Auto Affiliate Machine.

The founder asserts that this software that is push-button gets commissions and you traffic. Is Automobile Affiliate Machine a shortcut to a scam or success?

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The Hype

Auto Affiliate Machine’s founders want to convince you that their applications can create immediate profits and traffic.

But you know that there’s not any such thing as easy money without risks and are a person.

Yes, you’re right! It’s never simple, so you need to take it.

Auto Affiliate Machine is a software that makes affiliate reviews in PDF format.

You do not need any experience as you need to insert some information.

Here is 1 review illustration that I took in the sales page:

Pros and Cons


  • The software may be used for almost any niche market.
  • Product reviews are created by it .
  • The program posts your testimonials accounts


The sales page may provide false expectations. The software shares your testimonials but your degree of success is dependent upon how many followers you have and how you use media.
They won’t get indexed by Google If you don’t post your PDFs in your site.

How Does This Work?

It permits you to enter advantages the title, star rating, eCover picture, and the details .

You will have the ability to add affiliate links, your bonuses details and call .

Marketers which are currently looking for a fast buck will copy and paste the data.

As the Automobile Affiliate Machine software and media integrate, you’ll have the ability to post the PDF to of your accounts.

When folks buy the product, and open the PDF, click on your affiliate links, you receive a commission.

The question is:

Can The Software Get Immediate Commissions and Free Viral Traffic?

Automobile Affiliate Machine is a tool which can allow you to save your valuable time when discussing them your networking platforms and produce reviews.

It is not a solution to get visitors!

The company model is based primarily to bring visitors.

Consequently, if you do not have a number of followers, and if you’re not active on networking, I am afraid you will fight to make commissions.

Then Automobile Affiliate Machine will do the job if you need a software which can allow you to produce reviews in PDF.

Don’t expect it removed the work necessary to get sales and traffic.

Because you are getting a product which you can use to advertise your product reviews it is not a scam.

I’m not fond of this way of sharing PDFs.

I write product reviews to earn money on the internet, and on your blog, you can have results from experience.

Instead of PDFs, I suggest posting review posts that gets not traffic through media but also by the search results of Google.

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