Audioflow Review – Discount & Huge Bonus

By | November 13, 2018

Audioflow Review

Powerful video hosting tool, complete with marketing and analytics applications — a complete package for businesses looking to invest in video marketing.


Easy to embed videos on your website, which may help improve your site’s SEO
Detailed analytical tools, including heatmaps and participation graphs, provide comprehensive statistics about your viewers and how they interact with your videos
“Gated content” option generates sales leads by collecting contact information from your viewers


Lacks a robust method of organizing videos
The overall pricing structure is based on your total number of movies, raising the price for users needing to host more content

Audioflow Pricing

Free plan includes 3 videos, unlimited users, 200GB of bandwidth and comes with Audioflow’s standard features, such as player branding, lead generation tools, basic integrations and analytics.
Paid plans start at $99/month and include the identical standard features plus 10 free videos.
Additional videos can be added for 25cents per movie, per month.

Audioflow Full Review

Founded in 2006 by Brendan Schwartz and Chris Savage, Audioflow has helped over 300,000 businesses, including Starbucks, MailChimp and Zendesk, improve their communications through video content.

Audioflow offers flexible pricing options for businesses of all sizes, including both free and paid hosting plans that allow an unlimited number of customers. The platform is designed to make video marketing easy, and soon after installing the applications most users will have the ability to start sharing articles right away.

However, you’ll soon end up doing more than only posting videos, because Audioflow provides your company powerful control over your online marketing. For example, you might decide to customize unique aspects of the video player to match your branding, collect new leads by adding content that is gated, or quickly embed videos to your website. Through the recently published (and free) Chrome extension called”Soapbox”, your staff can create and send customized sales presentations or videos from a web browser.

Hosting videos is only the beginning, because once Audioflow has delivered your video out to the world you’ll have access to detailed, real-time analytics which measure the effect of your work. For example, you can pull up an engagement graph to see which segments of your movie were skipped and which parts audiences like to replay, or take look at a heatmap bursting with information regarding the viewers of each individual video.

There’s no need to worry if you are not too technical, because Audioflow’s simple interface makes video marketing a breeze. However, in the event that you still can need help along the way, you will be happy to know Audioflow supplies an extensive online help center, complete with videos, FAQs and helpful articles.

Bear in mind that Audioflow’s pricing structure is based on the number of movies you host, which increases the cost for clients with more content. However, if your business is looking to invest in movie marketing, then Audioflow is a worthy choice to consider.

Audioflow Features

Below we’ll discuss Audioflow’s key features and how they can benefit your business.

Video Management

Audioflow opens with a simple, straightforward layout, and if it is your first time using Audioflow you will be greeted by a series of helpful prompts to get you started. The platform helpfully arranges videos into jobs, and each job can contain as many videos as needed.

Businesses on the free program have a limit of 3 videos. Pro Users start with 10 and may add more for the cost of 25 cents per movie, per month. If you launch Audioflow but haven’t created any movies yet, a record option is available (via the Project Actions menu) which activates your camera and microphone so you can begin recording your first video straight away.

Including a movie is straightforward–just drag and drop your file into Audioflow or use the convenient upload button. Audioflow has gone out of their way to ensure compatibility with your favorite video editing software (e.g. Final Cut Pro X) and to provide useful recommendations for exporting your movie files, with specific instructions for different software. These guidelines have been tweaked to make sure you end up with the best video quality and to reduce the prospect of technical problems.

If you need something other than video, Audioflow can also host music files, documents or images.Audioflow Features

Audioflow Review Uploading Video

Once you’ve uploaded your video, Audioflow creates different versions of your original video, called derivatives. These derivatives are simply the identical video rendered in various sizes to accommodate users with limited bandwidth. Audioflow’s adaptive streaming will detect the quality of the user’s connection and then choose the best movie for them. This means viewers with low-quality internet connections won’t be bothered by long loading times and buffering interruptions.

Customizing Videos

The Audioflow player consists of several ways to customize your content. For example, you can change the appearance of a playback button to match your company’s branding, providing your video demonstration a personalized sense. While the movie plays, you can present your viewers with interactive CTA (call-to-action) buttons and supply links to other content on your site. If you don’t want your articles available for everybody, you have the choice to prepare password-protection to keep your videos limited to your intended audience.

Audioflow connects with a range of different email providers (like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact and more) to automate your email marketing and keep track of the client leads you collect from audiences. Turnstile makes it easy to personalize your advertising with options that allow you to define the data you want to collect from viewers (name, email, or both) and customize the forms they will interact with.

For example, you might want to provide viewers with 30 seconds of free articles as a teaser and then request contact information, or even payment, before they can see the remainder.

Embedding Videos

Audioflow provides Inline and Pop-over embed codes that enable you to quickly add videos to any site. Including a movie is straightforward; you only have to copy and paste the automatically generated html code. Audioflow may also generate a link to your video that you can use inside your email campaigns (an email provider will have to be set up) or print directly to social networking platforms, like facebook or YouTube.
Audioflow Review Source Code to Embed Video

Audioflow’s embed codes are SEO-friendly and designed to improve the ranking and visibility of your movies for major search engines, such as Google, which will bring more viewers directly to your site rather than a third party hosting site, like YouTube or Vimeo. Audioflow employs the industry’s best practices to store your movie’s metadata (data ) inside a JSON-LD file, which is automatically added to the header of your website. The file includes important data such as the title, description, duration and thumbnail of your video, all properly formatted to get the attention of search engines.


Soapbox is a paid Google Chrome extension that permits businesses to create, edit and discuss professional videos without difficulty, straight from a browser, handy for creating quick sales videos or presentations. Once set up, clicking on the Soapbox icon starts recording, and the extension will automatically capture the user’s face in addition to their on-screen activity. Despite the fact that the software is capturing your camera and your display, you do not need to use both for your final video. After recording, you may choose to ignore one or the other, or edit between them both. Audioflow even lets you customize the appearance of the player, including adding thumbnails or setting interactive CTA buttons.

Audioflow provides Soapbox as an optional add-on and allows personal users to make unlimited videos at no cost. Businesses are better off upgrading to the solo program ($300/year) which includes video downloads, comprehensive analytics (conversions and involvement ) and permits for meetings to be booked directly from the video.


Audioflow includes in-depth analytics to demonstrate how each video is performing. Best level stats are available, including view count, play rate and overall engagement, and such graphs can be adjusted to display information from individual videos, all videos, or videos from a certain date range. Data may also be exported to excel for a broader analysis and to share with your staff.

Audioflow’s insightful tools offer you unparalleled access to data related to your videos, frequently exceeding the performance of similar programs, such as Uscreen. With a couple clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able see how viewers watched and interacted with your articles via detailed heatmaps and engagement charts.

The automatically generated heatmaps signify a second-by-second account of what viewers found interesting and are color-coded to show you how interaction changed at various times within the video. For instance, a green area suggests that a viewer watched a part only once, while an orange area indicates that a part of the video has been viewed multiple times. Now you’ll know if your customers are only watching the first few seconds of your clip, or if they re-watch certain sections over and over.

These heatmaps include data on how long the users watched every video, their location, and the IP address associated with each viewer. With this information at your fingertips, you can learn which practices are most effective and how to create videos that will resound to your intended customers.

Audioflow also makes it extremely simple to measure the ROI (return on investment) by helping you analyse leads collected from your viewers. When users enter their information through the Turnstile attribute, you’ll have access to their individual viewing data in addition to their location information.


Audioflow integrates with well-known third party applications to increase email campaigns, advertising automations, analytics, overall productivity and more. Popular integrations include HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo and Google Analytics.

Email advertising integrations can be found on all programs, allowing viewer information collected through your Turnstile content to be passed easily along to your email providers. Using marketing automation, you can then run drip campaigns to nurture leads and increase your conversions.

Audioflow also uses a Google Chrome extension (separate from Soapbox) that makes it easy to share videos with prospective clients or add articles to your website (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, or Medium) without interrupting your workflow. The extension connects with your Audioflow library also includes a video link that can quickly be added to outside locations.