Amazing Selling Machine Review: The Live Event

By | August 1, 2018

Amazing Selling Machine Review — Plus, How To Partner With 400 Of The Best Amazon Sellers On The Planet…

Two years ago, I went through the Amazing Selling Machine program as a student. I had never sold a darn thing on Amazon before, and up to that point, and my business was strictly about selling information products. Selling”real stuff” was actually a bit of a mystery to me.

I was successful before, but I burnt out selling information products, and I was ready for a change…

There was something special about the idea of selling physical products that people would really use and eat. I was tired of the negativity at the”make money online” world, and seeing 30% refunds on products was starting to get exhausting.

A few years back, Perry Belcher said ,”Ryan, if I were you, I’d focus on selling things — real stuff that people use.” Even though it took me a couple of years, I finally had to admit that he was right. Then I took the plunge and dove into Amazing Selling Machine.

Even though the genius behind Beautiful Selling Machine, Matt Clark, is a personal friend of mine, I went through his path as a student, sometimes calling him with questions or requesting them while zip lining or riding elephants on our visit to Thailand.

He’s an extremely helpful and genuine guy, although he doesn’t appreciate it when I hug him on the beach in a homoerotic way.

While my accessibility to Matt was obviously helpful, he kept telling me something over and over again:”Ryan, do not over-think it. This process is really simple. Keep it that way.”

You see, one thing that was evident inside of Beautiful Selling Machine was how simple the model is. Amazon does literally all of the hard work for you — everything from shipping to customer service — so all you have to concentrate on is managing your inventory and getting clients (hint: I’m really good at the latter and can help you mightily with that).

However, it was SO simple, I kept saying to Matt:”Hey guy, so what’s the key to getting things off the floor?” And he kept answering,”I don’t have any keys dude. Just create a good product and connect it with clients that want it. Amazon will handle the rest.”

It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was right.

In fact, in one conversation with Matt over Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, TX, he and I discussed how this business model did not have any”hacks” or”tricks.” Nothing that is going to get you”slapped,” and no loopholes that suddenly disappear once someone catches on. This is a company that gets constructed over the long term and lasts for years.

That conversation assisted”free” me from the concept of trying to game the system, and from there, my company started growing by leaps and bounds. Instead of looking for quick fixes, like we are so trained to do in this crazy”internet business” world, I set out to create a real business after the Amazing Selling Machine system.

I discovered that there are 3 STAGES to building a successful Amazon business. I outlined them once I talked from point at one of the Amazing Selling Machine conventions.

The remainder of this Beautiful Selling Machine review will show you what happened when I put it to the test…

Amazing Selling Machine Review: The Results (And What To Expect)

I’m going to take you from the VERY beginning of my Amazing Marketing Machine travel, since I started from zero. Yes, now I do about $500,000 per month on Amazon, but I started off making about two sales each day. Yes, I started at zero, and you will too.

In fact, watch this video that compares my success ONE YEAR APART:

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of the video, I was doing about $11,000 per day. Today, I do far more.

Now, let’s take it from the top…

Amazing Selling Machine Review: From The Very Beginning

My favorite thing about ASM was that the lessons are broken into quite easy to swallow measures. The downside to this is you will be chomping at the bit per week for the lessons and the next steps to get posted.

It took about eight weeks to receive my merchandise sourced, designed, labeled, and shipped to Amazon. We (my buddy and I) started small and only ordered 100 units to begin (for a total investment of about $600).

That is the only frustrating part of the business — the time it often takes your merchandise to arrive in Amazon is usually longer than you’d like it to be. You’ll be so excited to get your product, and so pumped from the training, so that eight week waiting period can be an absolute torture. Additionally, it can play a part in managing inventory (discussed later).

Anyway, after what felt like forever, we finally got our product and followed Matt’s directions to a T about marketing and selling the product. We put up some Amazon advertisements and wrote a killer list.

In our first full month of having merchandise, we marketed 53 units (so about 2 every day), for a total of about $1,500 in sales (slightly more than half of that was profit).

Results From July

(Notice how we had been averaging about two sales per day at the start, and in the end it was closer to five each day. That is called growth…. Even if it’s slow.)

Anyway, from there, things began to grow, because as we made earnings, we started getting reviews. As we made more sales, we climbed up the Amazon rankings… and the snowball started to grow and grow and grow…

Once we had a couple of reviews from our clients (all positive), we really started to pick up some steam.

From the previous month, our earnings doubled, and we averaged about eight sales every day, which equated to about $125 in earnings (about half of that is profit). Not”quit your job” type money yet, but we are getting somewhere.

I feel it important to note that even as we edged toward $300/day, just about all of that obtained reinvested into inventory when we started. When you are growing fast (and this stuff really does pick up FAST), you need to be diligent to keep up with demand, especially if you only order 100 units to start, like we did.

Reinvestment is one of the most important parts of this game. You are building a company, not just a fast income stream. Don’t expect to cover yourself for a year. Rather, reinvest everything back into the business.

It is like a snowball — you make sales, you get testimonials. Those reviews bring in more sales, and more sales bring in higher positions on Amazon, and those rankings bring in more sales…

Month 3: In our third full month in business, the snowball got pretty big.

Results From September

We flirted with $10,000 in sales in just our third full month in business. That’s pretty special. We averaged about 20 sales each day, equating to about $400 per day in profit.

Having a $10k a month business after just three months is pretty freakin’ cool. Being on pace for $15k-20k the next month is much cooler. Speaking about where it’s going to be in six months? That’s the coolest part of it all.

Things really got fun once we rolled out product #2…

Once we rolled out product #2, our sales spiked again, to over $30,000 per month, since we had TWO income flows.

What happened to cause this jump? We got more testimonials, more loyal customers, and the snowball just kept on growing…

Sales soon jumped to over $125,000 a month.

Over $100,000 a month in less than a year.

The best part?

I had been working less than I ever have in my entire life.

Fast forward to today, and this company does over $300,000 per month in earnings, with half of that being profit. Plus, two other businesses that do a nice chunk themselves.

This month (April 2015), the company is on pace to do about $350,000 this month alone. That’s nearly four million dollars on a company which is less than two years old — and profit margins are approximately 50%.

Amazing Marketing Machine Review: A Caution

I have been teaching people how to build online businesses for eight decades. I’ve made millions of dollars online, and lots of my students now are even more successful than I am. But there’s 1 thing that you should know before getting into this business.


You do not run an”Amazon business.” You run a Organization. Amazon just happens to be your station for getting sales and clients. > Matt helped me see that there are no magic buttons, there are just products and clients.

If you stumble into Amazing Selling Machine with an attitude of gaming the system, or selling crappy products, or forgetting that this is a real business with real growth, then I would advise that you keep away from ASM (FBA).

In addition, if you balk at the price, you’re probably in the wrong game. With a price tag of about $5,000, Amazing Marketing Machine might be the most expensive company training which you ever purchase. You’ll also have startup costs of approximately $2500 to get your product made, a label designed, etc.. Personally, I’ve never seen a $5,000 business produce such incredible results in this brief amount of time, and I have been in a great deal of business (heck, the restaurant I owned cost me $225,000 and I am yet to make a dime out of it… and my college diploma cost me $80,000 and I do not even know where it is).

And several of them are in my coaching group, which I will discuss in a second.

I’ve built a lot of businesses in my day — I have had review sites that made $20,000 per month. I have done launches and made $250,000 per week. I’ve assembled sales funnels, done consulting, I own a restaurant, and I invest in real estate…

But I have never seen a company with as much staying power that’s so straightforward as the businesses that I built within Beautiful Selling Machine. I am so excited by it that it keeps me up at night.

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are on the fence about Amazing Selling Machine. I believe that the bonus that I have for you will send you over that fence, because it comes pretty close to ensuring your success.

Every go around through Beautiful Selling Machine, I mentor a group of individuals through their ASM travel in a group called The Tribe.

As of right now, this round (ASM5) is the last time I plan on opening the Tribe alongside the Amazing Selling Machine program.

In the mastermind, I provide the Tribe accessibility to me — they pick my brain for all of my experience and knowledge in the online advertisement space. It helps to have a mentor who’s on pace to do $4 million on Amazon over the next twelve months actually holding your hand through the process, plus 350 other people who have gone through the Tribe before you.

Each week, we proceed through the course together and talk about it. We help one another. We brainstorm together. We share ideas. We correct each other’s mistakes. We share our successes.

Together, we go through Amazing Selling Machine, the ups and downs, the trials and the mistakes, and we shared secrets and discoveries along the way.

Want to see one of our weekly hangouts? Watch this one for free:

I run this coaching group this because I want each and every person in the group to get their business up and profitable in as short amount of time as possible, and for them to get it done RIGHT. My secret plan to rule the world (the real reason why I do this) is explained below…

When you combine the most prosperous course in online instruction in history with a mentor (me), the results are almost difficult to believe.

Take a few minutes to meet Brian, one of my past Tribe members, who took his company from $0 to $30,000 a month in just three months, and then onto up to $700,000 per month in the year that followed.

Note #2: One year after this recording was made, Brian has done up to $700k in sales in one month. That is not a typo.

Brian is among the many successful members inside The Tribe. Take a second to meet some other success stories from the 350 Amazon entrepreneurs that have gone before you:

There’s Zach, who had floundered from business to business until eventually finding a love for sale on Amazon. He saw success fairly quickly, selling about 50 units daily of his products. After spending three days with me in Austin, TX, we made a few tweaks to his version, and he quickly exploded to well over $100,000 per month.

She’d seen small success, but after joining the Tribe, her firm tripled. She now enjoys a million dollar business from what she learned and the relations she made inside of The Tribe.

There’s Matt, a truck driver who had no idea what he was doing. Matt expressed concern about understanding”nothing about marketing,” so he just started a business in something that he was interested in. Soon after, he had a six figure business, and he had investors courting him and offering him over $300,000 money for this business.

There is Anthony, who had been working three jobs to make ends meet when he joined The Tribe. Anthony did not have much going for him, except for a burning desire to be successful. Anthony had some bumps and bruises along the way, and success took more than he anticipated. But after fighting through the challenges, Anthony had a business doing $30,000 per month. But more importantly, he had several customers that he had been helping with their advertising, and making six figures on the side! Anthony has since stopped all three jobs and is now a full-time entrepreneur.

These tales are many interior The Tribe. In fact, they are typical. Perhaps you’re next?

Since Amazing Selling Machine has been re-released one longer, we’re bringing back the Tribe for one last time. We’ll go through the course together, share secrets with one another, and meet up for dinner in Vegas at the conference (I am buying).

You’ll be joining a group of individuals that are already seeing success, including myself, doing $400,000 a month, and a few people do even more than me.

Are you like me, who went from zero to $200k/month in a year? Or just like Brian, who did more than that per month in precisely the same amount of time? Or one of many other ASM members that are at $25k/month, $50k/month, $100k/month, and outside? One of our members always does over one million dollars per month.

Amazing Selling Machine Review: The Live Event

In August, we will all meet up in Vegas for the Amazing Selling Machine live event.

Each round, I talk at the live event, and I am often named the best speaker at the event. Last time, I was slammed with people asking questions — the most popular being: How do I join the Tribe?

But for them, it was too late.

For you, it is possible to join this group of successful Amazon entrepreneurs right now and be mentored by all people.

There is no way for me to predict your success, but I can say this: being at a mastermind is the very best way to make certain that you follow along with that you see success, which you build a business that provides you the freedom to live life on your terms.

There’s just one requirement: NO QUITTERS ALLOWED.

If you sign up and quit, I will appear in your house and pee on your lawn. I’ll eat asparagus before so your entire yard smells like asparagus pee. And your dog will eat it and fart and stink up your entire house like asparagus pee. Think I am joking? Try me.

Here’s the way to become involved in the Tribe…

First, register for Amazing Selling Machine using my affiliate link. I make a few bucks when you sign up through me, but it’s far less than my private training rate of $4,000 a month for one phone call per week. You’ll be getting access to me — as well as the remainder of the Tribe — for free when you use my link.

Third, *come to the conference in August. * We will all be getting together and getting to know one another, and we’re going to be going to dinner together (I am buying).

Here is the real reason that I am doing this… (AKA MY SECRET PLAN TO RULE THE WORLD)

About a year ago, I found that I am far more successful when I associate with implementers. I am a marketer, an ideas man, and a fast starter. I’m not so great at the execution side (as an instance, if it weren’t for my spouse, I never would have bothered figuring out how to even install my Amazon account).

Therefore, part of the reason that I am hosting this mastermind is to meet different implementers who may fit as potential partners on future endeavors. Yes, I frequently associate with Tribe members on their companies to grow them.

So it benefits me, and it rewards you when you join Amazing Marketing Machine through this link.

If you are not convinced, here’s a quick video from some current Tribe members that may sway you differently:

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