6 Key Inbound Marketing Trends for 2017 1/3 – Instamate 2.0

By | March 10, 2017

Is your inbound marketing plan ready for Instamate 2.0 New year is rolling along, and that means it’s time to evaluate your marketing plans and goals for 2017 – if you have not already.

Here’re some of the key trends that industry experts expect to take the forefront for inbound marketers in 2017.Key Inbound Marketing -instamate

1. Interactive Content – Instamate 2.0

While blogging & long-form content is still king, interactive content is bringing more and more customers to the table. Polls, calculators, interactive infographics, webinars, other rich content can bring fresh life to your blog content & make it that much more likely to generate traction.

Just make sure it is mobile-friendly. Always.

2. Create Buyer Personas

In 2017, knowing your audiences will be more critical than ever, and that means creating detailed personas of who your customers are.

A buyer persona is a reflection of your audience: their age, interests, spending habits, and even quirks of personality. The more thorough, the better. Figure out your audiences, create content that speaks directly to them, and reap the rewards.

3. Time to Go Mobile

By now, Instamate 2.0 is no secret that mobile-friendly design is key to attracting and keeping an audience. Mobile technology is growing fast, and it is not going anywhere.

Everything you do – from your video content to your ecommerce website, could be tailored toward a mobile market. Because chances are, that is where the customers will be.

4. Nurturing Your Leads

Here is a Instamate 2.0- once you have an audience interested, is your plan for keeping them interested better than last year’s?

Inbound marketing does not stop once you get someone hooked – whether it is building an email lead or using digital downloads to convert, your 2017 aims should include stepping up your nurturing game.

5. Solid Social Media

Chances are, you have a social media strategy for your inbound marketing, but if you do not, now’s the time to create one. On the other hand, if you do have a social strategy, maybe now’s the time to re-evaluate your social media tools.

A solid Instamate 2.0 media strategy does not have to involve every social media platform out there – your time is better spent on the key platforms that convert the best, while the other(s) can be trimmed back or left on the back burner.

It is also important that social media does not just mean tweeting a few times a month. A great social media plan must also include great content, whether it is videos, blog posts, or other well-curated content.

6. Keep Email Alive

Yes, interactive content is growing fast, Instamate 2.0 has been primed to take over for some time now, but email marketing is one of the most reliable and lucrative channels in the marketing game.

With the right strategies in place, email can generate a great ROI & continue to be a useful tool years into the future.

Marketing never stands still for long, and neither should your plan. A shrewd inbound marketer should have an eye on the future & be ready to update their strategy accordingly.

2017’s getting started – now’s the time to dive in with one or more of these strategies & start enjoying the benefits.

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