By | January 22, 2018


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The Internet has millions of commercial sites, which makes setting up and launching an e-commerce site a necessity & a detailed and thoughtful planning. The launch of a digital website in this vast environment is different from opening a store in a traditional limited market. To build a successful & profitable business site.

The 1st step in the planning of the Internet business is summarized in the required report of the commercial website & set the objectives required to cover the needs & reflect the information required to be shown to customers to make sure the development of efficient operations & revenue collection.

The 2nd step is to set a certain initial ceiling on the number of potential customers of the site and to monitor a specific geographic market area. The company has good information about its culture and needs because what can be marketed in Australia may differ from what can be marketed in India. The attention that international business processes want to develop mechanisms & facilities to the global customer service & understanding with them. Therefore, the information collected about the customers must be described so as to automatically serve the business processes important for sale online, including the need to put more than one language on the site/to put different locations of countries & investigate the tax details & customs yeh when sending goods to customers & the issue of dealing with different local currencies, exchange rates & international banks, which oversees the financial trading operations ·

The 3rd step is the necessity of budgeting the costs of the site’s information server & the marketing costs in addition to the maintenance, management & the expenses of the sources of information, materials, monthly installments, etc. It’s worth mentioning here that the care of the site, its promotion & maintenance of changing the latest information in it & permanent marketing almost precedes the necessary of spending money on it because the required update & service More than spending

The 4th step revolves around the need to involve all the business departments in the company in contributing to the plan of the website & taking suggestions, contributions and participations from them so that the site reflects an integrated & mature vision of the work covering all areas of work & this makes the website wins the initiatives of various projects rather than the work of one management is management Information. The electronic work means the transformation/establishment of the institution on the basis of electronic work comprehensive & requires that all think of the institution in an electronic manner.

The 5th step alerts you to the technical limitations of browsers, any browser that uses the capabilities of sound cards & other technical standards, because the rapid PC development compels whole users to install the latest innovations, in general all devices are equipped with multimedia packages that support audio,
The sixthly step points to the important things in increasing the list of contents of the site and taking into account the relationship with the required browsers as an initial stage & then put the contents of the subsequent download with time to the site with developing operations on it & these content must be related to the interests of customers & are constantly modified.

The 7th step is to select a short name for the site whenever possible, whenever it’s small & symbolic & expressive, the better for trading & browsing because it reduces the probability of error in the introduction of shares & easy to remember.

The 8th step indicates the need to make sure the effectiveness of e-mail links to the site & accessibility because it’s simply the main bridge to communicate with customers & deal with them without it the site remains isolated & does not make sense of the presence on the network & we recall that the RSVP program provides automatic functional answers based on intelligent sorting system queries Customers could be predefined and modified.

The 9th step starts the e-business process by selecting the appropriate web design company that could provide regular website services. The site could be designed self-reliably if resources are not available. But this is a small limited effort if the company doesn’t have a specialized page design department because this work requires collective efforts. Specialized programs aren’t carried out by companies unless they’re large/provide this type of services, either the choice of the appropriate company is from three companies notes their locations & the date of work and projects & the number of employees and programmers have the necessary to be known for its new work in design because A decisive factor ·

The 10th step focuses on marketing the website & ensuring its constant development by placing critical questions about how to achieve a certain number of visitors to the site, especially if it’s required to attract a certain category of a specific area or profession & thus how to advertise in any country & with any advertising sites on the Internet, Equal to 30% of the site’s operating costs, with the addition of 5-10% per month on emergency marketing according to changes in market data, site access statistics & other variables. It is wrong to believe that launching & operating the site means the end of the task.

The launch of the business site as the birth of a child then requires follow-up & attention and development & strengthening to grow up and reach the stages of maturity quickly and gives the benefits hoped for & remains that the commercial site is a permanent project & does not end.